Scholarships for english learning students

Scholarships for english learning students

Scholarships for english learning students

Study English in the US

Whether you are proficient or not in English, you will find a list of scholarships that will help with your English studies in the USA. You may choose to take an ESL (English as a Second Language), course or you may want to do some research, teach or just pursue your studies in English as such. Take a look at the information below:

List of scholarships to learn English

First of all, if you want to study in the USA but your English is not so good you have two choices. You either apply to a Pathway Program or you may want to consider one of the following scholarships in order to study English and improve your language skills:

Collins Fund for English Language Learners Scholarship

It awards $1000.

Communicate and Connect Scholarship Essay Contest

It awards $3000.

Educate It Forward ELL Hispanic Heritage Scholarship

It awards $1000.

International Doorway Academic Scholarship Program

It awards up to $10000.

J.C. Casagrande Peace Scholarship

Term’s full Tuition.

Jane and David Falk ESL Scholarship

It awards $2000.

Leo S. Rowe Pan American Fund Scholarships

It awards up to $15000.

Nora Stone Smith Scholarship for ESL/ELL Student

It awards $2000 in a Washington Institution.

Shawnee Mission English Language Learner Scholarship Program

It awards $1000.

Toyota Latino English Language Learning Foundation Scholarship

It awards $1000.

Do you speak English?

On the other hand, if you do speak English, you might be interested in obtaining any of the following scholarships:

Either way, FOSEAS can help you with your search in any of the English programs you want to pursue. Just send us an e-mail to or WhatsApp 19563108783 and we will contact you back with any information you might need.

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