7 tips to write a good essay

Write a Good Essay

Write a Good Essay

7 tips to write a good essay

Most of the universities you apply to will require to write an “essay” or “statement of purpose” accordingly. You will have to answer some prompts and even write the reasons why and what made you choose that particular program you are applying to. There are different tips to write an essay and we will share those that we think will help you writing one.

The essays or “statement of purpose” will vary depending if you are applying to obtain a bachelor degree, a master’s or a doctorate degree.

Bachelor’s Degree:

You will have several questions from which to choose from. Many time these same questions are shared with other universities but be careful on what you write. You do not want to send an essay where you mention university X to University Y. Apart from these questions, many institutions have their own particular questions.

Master’s Degree:

In general, they will ask you to write about a general topic. This means, you do not have to have a specific and deep knowledge on the subject.

Doctorate degree:

When writing your essay or “statement of purpose” you will need to show a deep knowledge on the topic you are intending to work on. Sometimes, they require a research proposal attached to it.

7 tips to write a good essay

  1. Follow an outline: What you write in an essay has to be clear, accurate and consistent. Try to be as honest as possible and let the reader get to know you. Express the reasons why you are interested in studying that particular program and what you can contribute.
  2. Be honest: Do not try to show yourself as something you are not. It is important you are able to transmit who you are, what you expect and how you can contribute to the program.
  3. Write an essay for every program or university: If applying to several programs or universities take your time and think carefully what you want to communicate. It is important you let them know the reasons why you chose that particular program.
  4. Grammar: It is very important to have a good use of grammar. Try to be as concise as possible avoiding the use of complex words and elaborate sentences. Make it simple and easy to read without losing the intention and message you are trying to send. If you have doubts about the way a word is written use a dictionary.
  5. Writing and Grammar: This is an essential part of your essay. Make good use of your writing skills, avoid repetitions and make sure to use verb tenses correctly. Once you finish your essay make sure to set it aside a couple of days, then read it aloud and make the corresponding corrections.
  6. Audience: Take into account who you are writing to. It is very important you have a catchy first paragraph so that they feel interested in reading your essay until the end.
  7. Time: Take your time to write a good essay but meet deadlines. Research the university where you are applying so that you can write the reasons which made you choose that particular institution or program. Write a draft, review it, and ask someone to read it for you. Second opinions are very important.
  8. Now that we have shared the above 7 tips to write a good essay, it’s time to start your application process. Request information at http://www.foseas.com/sign-up/. We will be more than glad to answer any questions you might have. We are here to help and make your dream come true!

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