Graduate Studies in the United States

Graduate Studies in the United States

Graduate Studies in the United States

Do you want to do your Graduate Studies in the United States but do not know where to start?

Each time more and more people want to do their graduate studies abroad in order to fulfill their dream of having an international degree as well as the experience of studying in one of the best universities in the world. There are lots of opportunities where you can apply so that you can deepen your knowledge in the area of interest.

In order to start the process you have to take into account the type of university you are applying to, the programs offered, your grades, your level of English, your budget and the requirements from each university. This is why we want to let you know what you need to do in order to apply to a graduate program as well as what you might need and learn within the process.

Everything you need to know to do your Graduate program in the United States

Admission: In order to be admitted to the University, you need to fill out the application form, meet deadlines, and fill out all the requirements such as your diploma, CV, transcripts, letters of recommendation, financial support documents, among others in order to obtain the I-20. You will also need a high score in your TOEFL or IELTS but take into account that required scores vary from one university to another.

Visa: In order to apply for a visa you will need to be admitted to the corresponding institution. Once admitted the University will give you the I-20 and from there you can start your visa process at the US Embassy in your country where you will be given an F-1 visa. If a DS-2019 is given to you, you will be given a J-1 visa.

Financial Support: The Universities will require for you to show that you have the financial capability of supporting yourself during the period you will be studying.

Housing: Many universities offer the opportunity for students to live on campus. This a great opportunity to get to know other students living on campus, the campus itself and its environment. This option can either be more expensive or an option you are not willing to consider. If you do not want to live on campus or if it is an option the university gives you try to find a place that is secure, quiet and close to campus. You can choose to live with a host family, in the student residences or even a family member. Wherever you decide to live make sure there is transportation and you have easy access to the school, supermarkets, etc., but most of all, make sure it is within your budget.

Scholarships: There are several scholarship options for international students that can cover your application process, tuition cost, books, airplane tickets, and any extra costs. The University might also be able to offer you an academic scholarship. If you want more information, you can contact us.

FOSEAS Advisement: We want you to know that FOSEAS is ready to give you advice, answer any questions and help with your process. We are here to help you choose the right university, help you with the steps during your application process, help with the translation of any document, help solve any issues with the university or answer any questions you may have during this process.

The fact of doing your graduate studies in the United States is a very enriching experience that will change your life for better. It will also open new doors for you as well as it will give you better possibilities of obtaining a job with a good salary. Call us at 1-956-6888144, WhatsApp us at 1-956-3108783 or e-mail us at and start your process as soon as possible.

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