What does a Certified Translator do?

certified translation is a translation

Certified Translation is a Translation

What does a Certified Translator do?

Whenever you want to study or continue your studies abroad, you will need to translate certain documents such as permits, transcripts and your diploma. The translations need to be certified to have a legal validity.

We would like to let you know what a certified translator does and what he/she needs to accomplish to become one.

Who is a certified Translator?

In countries such as Colombia, a certified translator is a person that must have certain characteristics and accomplish certain exams to be able to be a certified translator and interpreter.

A Certified translator must be certified by a legal entity to translate documents from one language to another that will have a legal validity. This implies a very important responsibility when translating reason for which the translator must guarantee the faithfulness of a document to its original version.

What kind of Documents does a Certified Translator translate?

It is not uncommon to ask yourself what a certified translator does and it is very easy to think that he/she is just a person that translates during meetings, excursions, trips or even as guides. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. Among the documents that a certified translator does are:

  • Official Documents
  • Private Documents
  • Contracts
  • Birth Certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Diplomas
  • Marriage Certificates among others

Characteristics of a good Translator:

A good translator has to follow the requirements of its clients and has to guarantee the quality of what he/she translates. We will list some of the qualities a professional translator must have:

  • Fluent in its mother tongue
  • Fluent in the target language
  • Good writing skills and Grammar usage
  • Meet deadlines
  • Handle tech tools
  • Be precise
  • Be discreet

It is very important that at the time you request a translation you verify that the person or the company you’re hiring have the corresponding certifications since nowadays many people call themselves translators without having the experience nor dominating the languages as such.

Now that you know what a certified translator does, request an estimate at HERE. Remember FOSEAS gives you advise so that you are able to have the best educational experience abroad.

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