You will find articles on how to apply to Colleges and/or Universities in the United States, scholarship information, requirements for undergraduate and graduate students, and much more…

Residency programs

Doing your Medical specialty in the United States

Doing your residency program in the United States will help you boost your career and it will also open the doors of possibly working in the United States or returning to your country with much better opportunities.
Study Applied Mathematics

How to study Applied Mathematics in the United States

The opportunity of studying applied mathematics in the United States is a unique experience that will enrich you as person and will allow you to be part of the best universities in the world.
Graduate Studies in the United States

Graduate Studies in the United States

We want you to know that FOSEAS is ready to give you advice, answer any questions and help with your process. We are here to help you choose the right university...
Write a Good Essay

7 tips to write a good essay

The essays or “statement of purpose” will vary depending if you are applying to obtain a bachelor degree, a master’s or a doctorate degree.
certified translation is a translation

What does a Certified Translator do?

Whenever you want to study or continue your studies abroad, you will need to translate certain documents such as permits, transcripts and your diploma. The translations need to be certified...
The 5 cheapest universities

The 5 Cheapest Universities in the USA

There are many options for those wanting to study abroad to do their bachelor’s, masters or doctorate degree reason for which it is difficult for students to choose which country...
How to apply to a Fulbright Scholarship

How to apply to a Fulbright Scholarship

By obtaining a Fulbright Scholarship people can make their dream of living a unique and multicultural experience in the United States true. They will also be able to pursue...
Academic Program exchanges to the United States

Academic Program exchanges to USA

Those students that decide to do an academic exchange program to the United States will be able to immerse themselves into the American culture and have the opportunity of learning...
Peruvians interested in studying in the United States

Peruvians interested in studying in the US

Peruvian students are each time more interested in completing their graduate studies in the United States. For this reason, different options have been created so that they...

How to decide which College to Choose

It is never an easy task to make a decision but it is even more difficult to make one where your future is at stake. This is why we want to share with you some tips you can take into account...
Study in Canada

Study in Canada

Canada has become one of the favorite spots to travel for those that love adventure and wish to have a unique experience in the Northern part of the American Continent.
English – Spanish – English Translation Services

English – Spanish – English Translation

The fact of having a well translated document is a very important step when you are applying for your visa at the corresponding embassy as well as when you applying at a University...