Academic Program exchanges to USA

Academic Program exchanges to the United States

Academic Program exchanges to the United States

Will be able to immerse themselves into the American culture

Those students that decide to do an academic exchange program to the United States will be able to immerse themselves into the American culture and have the opportunity of learning English as a native speaker. Once they return to their home country they will have a totally new perception of what the United States is.

Why should you do an exchange program?

When you participate in an exchange program you can also be part of different activities and trips that will allow you to get to know the country and the city you are in. You will also be able to meet new people and make new friends. FOSEAS wants to give you the opportunity of having an enriching experience, reason for which we offer you the opportunity of applying to different universities and majors according to what you want and need.

The United States is a multicultural country and it offers many ways to know its own culture as well as the culture from other countries due to the fact that it houses people from all over the world. It also has wonderful places and unique landscapes you will be able to enjoy when not studying.

How will your stay be during your exchange program?

One of the most frequent questions students make is about their stay. They are curious about how it will be and what to expect. We will tell you a little bit about the most common housing option.

• Host Family: During your exchange you will be able to live with a host family that will embrace you as part of their own. This family will share with you their culture, language, traditions and life style. As a member of the family you will have to follow and respect the household rules as well as other chores such as making your bed, keeping your room neat and/or helping to serve dinner.

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